about my site

i am a photographer. i enjoy old tech and new tech.

my photography has captured life, environment, infrastructure, experiences, and feeling in the Cleveland Ohio area and beyond.

i started shooting with a basic nikon d40 in 2006. as i got more familiar with photography i picked up a nikon d5500. around 2015 i started wanting to get more familiar with other medium in photography, i started exploring 35mm with a horribly maintained nikon fg-20 and developing with an enlarger. lately ive been shooting film on a nikon 8008s and a mamiya rb67, which is the first time ive used medium format. ive recently started exploring drones and my drone footage is done on a dji mini pro 3.

i use lightroom 6 for post in digital and an archaic enlarger for 35mm/120. im exploring capture one as an alternative to lightroom cc.

my workflow after shooting drifts into some technology babble, which is part of my background. i then use the nextcloud desktop application syncing from my laptop to my nas which is an 8TB nvme raidz2 6 wide. this zfs array has a snapshot every 2 hours over to another storage array which is a 48TB raidz2 5 wide rust drive storage array with ssd log and cache vdevs. from there i have an automation that encrypts and uploads to google drive cloud storage. previously i had an iscsi disk mounted to my laptop and had a script run an rsync to backup the iscsi disk but i found it easier to work locally and sync with the nextcloud desktop sync. this setup enabled me to easily create public shares for prints and distributing digital photos. i am probably a bit more of a data storage nerd than a photographer in some sense, but my skills compliment my joy.

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