Matt Hughes

Cleveland, OH

back to film

i started off this year wanting to do a sort of "picture a day" type of thing. i was doing pretty good until i flipped a couple pics to black and white in lightroom... now im finding myself exploring film again and loving it


it will be interesting to see this site in a few years curious to see what comes of this structure. it was a rotary kiln for the haydite mine. now it stands alone, except for those that venture off the path slightly.

stalwart remnants

To give yourself over to another body That’s all you want really To be out of your own and consumed by another To swim inside the skin of your lover Not have to breathe Not have to think But you can’t live on love And salt water’s no drink


it was full of waves she wanted to keep going, pulling me over, knocking me down over the craggy rocks but, why not wander off the normal path go, adventure on you, being of fortitude

IngenuityFest 2023

IngenuityFest is a great art and maker space to experience. Quite a few new spaces this year along with past installations to see among the new pieces. The event is held this weekend ending on Sunday September 24th.


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