Letchworth New York

Ska-ga-dee Peeking

24x30 Face Mounted in 1/8" Acrylic Print with Dibond backing

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we ventured through this trail in the early morning and left at 3am to reach the falls at the first sight of light. you have to be careful on some of the back roads, the stop signs appear out of no where. this is the largest of the three falls along the trail and this is just half of Ska-ga-dee. It was a cold morning and the park was still free to visit this time of year. There was a path along the side of Ska-ga-dee that was closed that i decided to try to walk anyway, and then quickly found it was closed because the mist from the falls created ice all along the uphill path. we only went 13 miles on this hike but there are quite a few more trails and overlook viewpoints to see in this beautiful park that we didnt make it to, maybe i should camp there next time so I'm not exhausted from the early drive next time

Prints below are on Hahnemühle archival paper. Other print options available through email.

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